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All that is needed to interact with our platform is an Ethereum wallet



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Depending on your wallet of choice, you can refresh this page or visit blockimmo via your web3 mobile browser. Hardware wallets are support through MetaMask.

User Verification

Account and identification process (Know Your Customer & Anti-money Laundering).

Before using our platform, you first need to be verified and approved. The entire process is completed online via the blockimmo website. You will be prompted to provide or verify any required information (KYC / AML), as well as make the necessary acknowledgments electronically.


What is AML / KYC?
Who is allowed to invest?
How safe is my data?

Browse Investment Opportunities

Find the investment that suits you best and subscribe to be notified when the sale begins.

With no investment minimums, with as little as 1 ETH you can start receiving passive income proportional to your share of a property's tokens and begin to grow your real estate portfolio today.


Can I see all my investments at a glance?
Does each property have its own unique token?

Participate In Crowd-sale

When a sale goes live, invest alongside others to reach the sales goal.
Goal 640,000
Investors 330
Sold 229,150
Your Investment 0


The crowd-sale ended successfully and you invested 23,100 CHF.

Once you've found the right investment for you, subscribe to be notified when the crowd-sale goes live. Once live you can begin investing along with other investors towards the sales goal.


What happens if the crowd-sale goal isn't met?
How long do crowd-sales typically last?


After finalization, you can withdraw your ERC20 tokens.

Once the crowd-sale is ended successfully, the final paperwork is completed at the Notary. The investors can claim their share of the property (tokens) shortly afterward. As an owner, you will receive income proportional to your share of tokens owned, receive regular property reports and partake in the property voting topics (if any) through a DAO.


What are ERC20 Tokens?
Will the real estate tokens be listed at exchanges?
What are the fees?

Platform Benefits

Investing on our platform has it's perks
Access Real Estate

Through the blockimmo platform, you will be able to invest in real estate opportunities without high barriers or relying on complicated processes and middlemen. We tokenize properties and development projects and invite anyone to join and participate in the real estate investment market.

Regulatory Compliant

For blockimmo, "regulation" has the highest priority: The competent supervisory authorities have not raised any objections to the project presented by blockimmo and have answered the corresponding submission requests in a positive way.


Our platform is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, which records and logs transactions to the highest level of security making hacks and break-ins virtually nonexistent. On top of that our platform has been extensively audited.

Trade 24/7

Sell your tokens anytime at our partner's decentralized global exchange. The STX.SWISS trade platform is easy to use, which enables you to receive Ether for your tokens fast and secure.

Track Performance

Track each of your properties performance (rental income) with regularly published reports and overall performance in your investor portal.

Have a property to list or project to fund?

We're eager to hear from you, contact us today so we can discuss it further.


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